Frequent Questions

What are your pictures made out of?

Our pictures are made out of 100% porcelain. We do not sell enameled steel for the following reasons (we have made both in the past):

1. We believe the colors are richer in porcelain as it is fired to a much higher temperature.

2. Whatever will crack a porcelain picture will likely chip the enamel off of a steel picture, causing it to eventually rust. So we do not believe the durability of enameled steel is that much greater than porcelain.

3. Enameled steel is much more expensive and we don't believe the price is justified by the quality.


What is your guarantee?

We guarantee all pictures against fading and discoloration for the lifetime of the memorial. Damaged pictures can be replaced at a 50% discount.


What is your turn around time?

Orders are currently shipping out in around 5 working days on average.


How do we order?

You can place orders by using the online customizer or by using our order upload form. When using the online customizer you can pay at the time of ordering. You can also create and store proofs for your customers until they decide to order or until they have paid.

We provide low prices and quick service by streamlining our production. We do not accept orders in the mail as sometimes we receive a photo and have it sitting in our office for 6 months before the photo is ordered or we are told that the order needs to be cancelled. Our online customizer eliminates this back and forth waste and helps us provide better prices.


What photo editing do you do?

We do basic enhancements (cleanup, brightness, contrast, etc) to the photos.

After years of doing this we've found that customers don't usually require much editing to be done. Most people who have backgrounds removed and other advanced editing done only do so because it is offered. They will order just the same without those services and we are able to provide lower prices by not offering them.

However, if you need something more advanced done to a photo we recommend this $5 photo editing service:


How are the pictures installed?

We can supply 3M VHB tape at no extra charge or you can use your preferred epoxy, mortar, etc. We do not supply pictures or frames with pins for installation.


Do you have a template for the picture?

As slight variations in size can occur do to the firing process, we always recommend that you wait to receive the picture before you sandblast the space for the picture. We generally provide fast service so that you can get your work done quickly.